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Jane Small

Jane Small

Glastonbury, Somerset


About Jane Small

I am a professional contemporary impressionist artist. I specialize in paintings that are very colorful but also meditative and peaceful,often from a mystical and spiritual perspective.( The FAA mark will not show on your print purchase!) I like to make light and radiant color dance on my canvas to create a magical and tranquil harmony. All my art is hand painted on canvas or paper. My expertise is in painting in acrylic and/ or pastel. I also paint in the exquisitely lovely and unusual medium of melted beeswax.The beeswax paintings have a luminous glow and shining color which is unique to this rarely used medium.Any product that you purchase in this medium I can guarantee will positively glow with a brilliant light and beautifully harmonized color.

Prints of my pictures and many other lovely products are now reguarly shipped to worldwide destinations. Pixels.com is the same company as Fine Art America which appears under various company names and I understand this may be confusing to my customers! Licenses to use my work can be purchased from Pixels.com. as well as a greater selection of products including phone cases. Please do e mail me if you have any queries.

Fine Art America offers high quality products which come with a 30 day money back guarantee and many of the products can now be shipped from the UK, Canada, Holland and Australia as well as from the U.S. There is a wonderful selection of canvas,acrylic,paper,framed or metal print options and other products. The metal and acrylic prints are fantastic at bringing out the glowing luminous qualities and colors of my art. My favorite surface is the metal.It is very strong,beautifully contemporary,radiant in color, yet lightweight and inexpensive to ship and I just love it. Acrylic is a gorgeous choice also! Matte canvas is a very safe option if the painting is being displayed opposite a window and you do not want any reflected light to interfere with the picture.It is something that is always absolutely reliable.It is not completely 'matte' as it does have a beautiful surface sheen and looks good in any position in any room. I am so often e mailed by customers asking about which product to purchase and so I have offered these suggestions. I'm sure that whatever you choose from FAA will be superb

I am married to Simon Small, the author of the incredible mystical novel 'Star Pilgrim'. It explores profound questions about the meaning of life and includes a thought provoking and very believable 'alien' encounter within a great story. (Available from Amazon and all good bookstores; on kindle or as printed copy.)

I would be most grateful if the copyright to my images is respected. I receive so many queries from people wishing to feature my images on their website. If you would like to do this, please purchase a license for each image you require from pixels.com .

Wishing peace and blessings to all. Jane


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